Roberta Pardo
Full name Roberta Alexandra María Pardo Rey/Reverte




Alma Rey (Mother)
Antonio Pardo (Unbiological Father)
Martin Reverte (Biological Father)
Franco Colucci (Stepfather)
Mía Colucci (Stepsister)


Played by

Robert (by Mia)
Chucky (by Giovanni)
Gatita (by Jóse Luján)

Dulce María



Roberta is the most Rebel student on Elite Way School. She is a daughter to the famous singer Alma Rey (played by Ninel Conde ) and Octavio/Martín Reverte (played by Lisardo) . At first she thought her father was Antonio Pardo (Fernando Morin), which she hated, but later she found out that her real father is Martín Reverte. Roberta has a really strong character and even stronger heart. She always finds a way to solve problems - no matter what. She lies a lot, but says she hates lies, thus making her a hypocrite. She hates politics and injustices. Roberta is very pretty and talented, which is why, in the first season of Rebelde, the band included her. Her best friends and roommates are Lupita Ferández (played by Maite Perroni ) and Jóse Luján (played by Zoraida Gómez ). She hates Mia, but in the middle of season 2 they become friends, but then they start to hate each other again, but in season 3 they were getting friends again. At the end of the series, her mom, Alma Rey marries Mia's father, Franco Colucci so they become stepsisters, and so does Jóse Luján, because Roberta asks her mother to adopt her.

Roberta lupita jose

Lupita, Roberta and Jóse Luján

Roberta's love of the life is Diego Bustamante (played by Christopher Uckermann ). She is secretly in love with him, and hates him too. Roberta and Diego were pretending to be couple in the first season, so Diego's father wouldn't find out about the band and Roberta's mother wouldn't hang on her back all the time, but both secretly, with a time fall in love with each other. At the end of the first season Diego and Roberta were a real couple, but Roberta dumped Diego because Tomás told her that Diego is with her just because of their bet, and that he can't break up with her because he feels sorry for her. In all three seasons they have their fights, one day they hate each other, and the next day they are friends again, but they are always secretly in love with each other.

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Diego and Roberta - Vondy

Roberta was portrayed by Dulce María